Meet the Worm Studio

  • An indoor system to transform kitchen scraps into nature's best fertilizer, without smells.

  • The stacking layers allow worms to migrate upwards, leaving behind nutrient-rich castings.

  • Made from natural cedar, plastic-free, and built to last in Ottawa, Canada.

So why compost, you ask?

1/3 of the food we grow is wasted. That's terrible!

Most of that is sent to landfills to decompose and release methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

In Nature, there is no waste, and everything eventually turns to soil.

By composting, you too are turning waste into a resource to regenerate our soils.

Less waste

Composting shifts us from a linear food system (extract, consume, discard) to a circular one by recognizing food scraps as a valuable resource that helps grow better food.

It's so simple

It takes a few minutes a week to feed your box and you'll love turning it into a ritual. And without smelly trash, you won't need to take it out that often.

Amazing soil

Compost creates healthy soil so your garden and plants will be healthy too, leading to a bountiful produce year after year, without much effort. Let Nature do the hard work.

It's fun

Ok sounds weird, but you'll really enjoy feeding the wormies your scraps and watching them transform it! Don't take our word for it, check out what our customers have to say.

Feels good

You can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Food waste in landfills release methane and account for 8% of global greenhouse gases. Composting is the right thing to do.

  • Collect and freeze your kitchen scraps

  • Dig a hole and add your scraps

  • Wait a month for compost to be created

  • Harvest your compost and enjoy

Watch how it works

Other solutions

  • Teach the next generation through experiential classroom learning.

    • Year-round learning opportunities with a classroom worm farm
    • Increased understanding of sustainability and the importance of healthy soil
    • Enhanced learning outcomes of multidiscplinary topics
    • Relevant, impactful lesson plans and activities for grades k-12


  • Enhance your sustainability and social impact goals by composting.

    • Divert 100% of your office's food waste as well as your paper recycling and build soil
    • Engage your employees with a fun office project that teaches sustainability skills
    • Our innovative service model ensures project success
    • Our team harvests the compost and distributes it to your employees


Did you know? Food waste in landfills contributes to 8% of global methane emissions. Composting fights climate change and helps to improve soil quality. Join in for a greener planet!

We're proud of how far we've come