We design and build sexy, sustainable worm farms in Ottawa, so you can compost inside your home or apartment.

Vermicomposting is a process without smells or bugs and your compost is ready in less than a month, ready to be fed to your plant babies!

While it sounds a little intimidating to try out, we provide excellent customer support designed to help you build a habit.

Do you want to see it in action? Come check out the wormies at our shop at 15 Larch St in Little Italy, Ottawa or see a list of others places that have our worm farms for you to interact with.



Your food scraps will literally be transformed in front of your eyes! It takes the wormies about 30 days to make nutrient rich fertilizer called worm castings aka worm poo.

Curious to know more? Hear what our customers are saying below!

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    I have enjoyed the process of being a new Worm Studio owner! Akil was so helpful at pick up, reminding me of the online platform for newbie questions. The box itself is solid once built, I use it as a plant table between checking and feeding it. It has been a learning process to find a balance of moisture level and food timing but my box and little worms are coming along after just a couple months! Can't wait to be able to fertilize my plants/ garden with castings this summer.

    -Liz, new worm mama

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    I bought this for my science class about nutrient recycling...the students are really enjoying it. They check on the worms quite often.

    -Connie, Ottawa Teacher

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    I got my box 6 months ago and so enjoy my weekly ritual of feeding and tending to this amazing little ecosystem! House guests are always so intrigued by the cool box in our kitchen and are surprised to learn that it's full of worms and compost! There's no smell (other than earthy aroma when opening the lid, which is lovely). Almost ready to make my first harvest, and so excited to see how my plants do with vermicompst. Akil is not only selling a product, he's building a community and championing for small actions that have big impacts!

    -Chelsea, mama to happy plants

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I am the founder of this wormy biz and I want to show you that the humble earthworm can reshape our relationship with food waste, and rekindle our love for nature in the urban world.

The Box Of Life began in 2019 and we've helped create thousands of new compost heroes

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We host webinars and Ottawa-wide, in-person demos to get you started on your composting journey. You are going to embark on an adventure and we want to help you prepare for it!

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