Meet the Worm Studio

  • An indoor system to transform kitchen scraps into nature's best fertilizer, without smells.

  • The stacking layers allow worms to migrate upwards, leaving behind nutrient-rich castings.

  • Made from natural cedar, plastic-free, and built to last in Ottawa, Canada.

So why bother, you ask?

Because it's the right thing to do.

In Nature, there is no such thing as waste - everything turns into soil and regenerates our ecosystems. Why do we as humans need garbage dumps? That's so yuck.

Less trash 🗑️

50% of garbage is food waste and when you compost:

- your trash bag can last 2x longer

- you empty garbage 1x week

- trash will not stink anymore

5 min task 💪🏽

It only takes a few minutes to prep and feed your box and you'll love turning it into a ritual.

We've got a bunch of time saving hacks for you.

Best 🌱 food

Worm castings are MAGIC fertilizer for your plants. It's a natural boost of life to help you grow the best tomatoes ever.

Fast & fun 🏃🏽‍♂️‍➡️

Ok sounds weird, but you'll really enjoy feeding your Box Of Life. Earthworms are fun to observe!

Feels good 🥰

You've taken control of your waste and are doing a good deed for Mother Nature.

Major karma points earned!

Watch how it works

  • Collect and freeze your kitchen scraps

  • Dig a hole and add your scraps

  • Wait a month for compost to be created

  • Harvest your compost and enjoy

Other solutions

  • Teach the next generation through experiential classroom learning.

    • Year-round learning opportunities with a classroom worm farm
    • Increased understanding of sustainability and the importance of healthy soil
    • Enhanced learning outcomes of multidiscplinary topics
    • Relevant, impactful lesson plans and activities for grades k-12


  • Enhance your sustainability and social impact goals by composting.

    • Divert 100% of your office's food waste as well as your paper recycling and build soil
    • Engage your employees with a fun office project that teaches sustainability skills
    • Our innovative service model ensures project success
    • Our team harvests the compost and distributes it to your employees


Did you know? Food waste in landfills contributes to 8% of global methane emissions. Composting fights climate change and helps to improve soil quality. Join in for a greener planet!