Our goal is to empower children to love nature and we do so by encouraging them to play and learn from worm farms!

We bring nature's composting solution right to students' desks. Together, we dive deep into the fascinating world beneath our feet, giving your class a front-row seat to watch our planet's recycling process in action!

  • 1

    Introduction to Worm Composting Workshop

    A hands-on introduction to worm composting. Explore the worm bin, meet red wigglers, and understand the importance of building soil.

  • 2

    Workshop + Classroom Worm Farm

    Along with the workshop, we'll set up a worm bin with your classroom and share some with your classroom.

  • 3

    Workshop Trio + Classroom Worm Farm

    Includes three workshops to follow up on wormy ecosystem and using worm castings to grow seeds.

  • 4

    Classroom Worm Farm

    Stand-alone purchase of the classroom worm bin.


Our program is designed for Ontario curriculum, with fun lesson plans and activities for K-12 grades.

It increases understanding of sustainability, consumption, and waste.

See how your school can benefit from our program

Why should you get this?


Give students hands-on experiences with nature to enhance the curriculum. Learning by doing includes watching red wigglers composting food scraps.


The Classroom Worm Bin becomes an interactive educational fixture in your classroom. Watch your students bond with their wiggly classmates, instilling curiosity and responsibility throughout the year.


We teach more than vermicomposting—we teach environmental responsibility. Students learn about healthy soil, waste reduction, and eco-friendly choices through real-world experiences.

Critical Thinking

Entice kids to learn about waste management. Students actively participate in our workshops on waste life cycle critical thinking, which is fun and engaging.

Civic Responsibility

Go beyond theory. The Box of Life helps students understand their actions' consequences. They gain ownership and a deeper understanding of consumption by caring for their wormy friends.

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For custom inquiries or other questions, please reach out to Audra at schools@theboxoflife.com.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Carolyn Matson
Wonderful worms!

We had Audra deliver an amazing presentation to our students. The workshop was engaging and informative and hands-on! I highly recommend getting The Box of Life for your classroom or organization! A fabulous experience!! Thanks Akil and team!

Sarah W
Engaging, Educational and Interactive

I highly recommend inviting Akil into your classroom. Not only does he engage with the students in a child friendly manner that captures the attention of all, he brought in worms, and his vermicompost to show. The hour went by very fast! Thank you Akil!

Vermicomposting Workshop

What an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to go to the workshop as well as have a virtual presentation for my class. My students are beyond impressed and have all created their own vermicomposting ecosystems (using materials from their homes and the worm eggs harvested from the workshop). The students are not only engaged in this project but are now also interested in other sustainability initiatives.

Amazing experience

Akil did an incredible job in his presentation. I teach grade 9-11 special education. Akil made it easy for my students to understand and made it fun and interactive. I would strongly recommend every teacher (no matter the age of the students) to get a worm bin and presentation.

A wonderful workshop that opens up so many learning opportunities

We had such a wonderful time welcoming Akil and Sahar into our classroom at Blue Whale. We spent almost two hours (we honestly lost track of time), learning about vermicomposting, its global impact and how to care for our new class pets, the wormies. It was hands on, the students were engaged throughout the entire workshop, which is no easy task with young kids, and they learned so much. They loved getting their hands dirty while interacting with the worms This workshop with Box of Life was a special day in itself, but what's great is that the learning doesn't need to stop there. There are so many opportunities to make cross-curricular connections and build valuable skills throughout the year with the worm farm. Students are now responsible for feeding the worms twice a week and making adjustments based on what they observe. It opens up further discussions about our roles and responsibilities when it comes to climate change. We're planning to compost a small pumpkin at the end of October to see how long it'll take the wormies to break it down. We also plan to collect worm casings to learn more about the life cycle of our wormies and estimate how many worms come out of each casing. The possibilities are endless!

Your questions answered

How to care for the worms?

We will give you everything you need to look after your new wormy pets! Every worm farm comes with a Worm Parenting guide and dedicated support from our team.

Will food scraps smell?

If you are following the feeding schedule and instructions the food scraps will not smell! The Box Of Life has a beautiful earthy smell.

What about holidays?

The Box Of Life classroom edition is portable so can go home with an assigned babysitter for any school holidays.

Can students handle the worms?

After the worms have established themselves in their new habitat the students can definitely handle them. As long as they have a gentle hand to wiggle in and are returned to their home afterwards they will stay happy and active!

Time commitment for worm bin care?

The feeding of the worms takes less than 10 min per week. As much time as it takes to prepare them a healthy meal of chopped up food scraps and bedding material. This is a job any assigned worm babysitter can easily fit into their day. They won’t even miss recess!

Can The Box Of Life compost all classroom food scraps?

The classroom edition box is a learning tool as opposed to a full sized composter. It will only compost approximately 1 cup of food scraps per week. If your school is interested in implementing a larger scale Worm Bin to handle all their food scraps we are on board! Please reach out to audra@theboxoflife.com