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Worm Studio

Worm Studio

  • Crafted from cedar
  • Made in Canada
  • Smell free composting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Purchase worms separately
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The box is 18" x 13" wide. It is 12" tall with a flat lid and 15" tall with the rooftop garden add-on.

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What should I know about my Home Studio?

What are the benefits?

🏆 Our method is tried and tested by many happy first time worm parents.

🪴 Perfectly fits into your home without any smells or negative effects.

🤝 Easy to use with clear step-by-step guide and online support for your success.

🤢 Keeps your trash from getting stinky and reduces frequency of emptying

🦋 Nature positive solution you can feel good about

🍉 Encourages healthy eating as worms need your fruit and veggie peels

How does it work?

1) Start adding food scraps to the bottom layer

2) When the bottom layer is full, add the next layer on top and continue feeding

3) The worms move up to the food

4) When your third layer is full, the bottom layer is ready to be emptied

5) Move the empty bottom layer to the top and continue feeding

6) Repeat process every 3-4 months to get fresh castings 

  • Made for effortless green living

  • Ideal for small families looking to compost at home

    Allows for feeding of up to 2 kg of waste per week

    Creates Nature's best fertilizer every 3 months

    Beautiful and compact design fits into any space

What to feed it and what not?

Watch how it works

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Carrie Bendzsa
Great product

We have had our worm studio for a little over a month now. It is easy to maintain and there is no smell from the box. The worms are eating steadily and soon we'll be able to move them into our second layer. The instructions in the 'parent guide' were clear and easy to follow. I recommend this product to everyone I speak to. Great way to reduce our kitchen waste and I love the fact it is made in Canada by a Canadian company.

Happy worms

Cedar worm studio is a joy. Worms have settled in nicely and the Parenting Guide is a wonderful resource. Looking forward to adding a new level to my vermi tower.

Jessica Boyd
Change your footprint with a Worm Studio

Bringing in this worm studio into our business has helped every team member think about the food they buy and the packaging that accompanies it. We are experiencing less waste as a whole and get some great dirt for growing our next crop of vegetables. Thanks to Akil and the team for not only a fantastic product but the follow up, education and amazing customer service.

Judith McAdam
The box of life is my new zen garden!

I am so thrilled with the box of life. I love opening box to feed the worms and see the great progress they make with their composting. Our whole family enjoys feeding them. We are eager to use the castings on our house plants. This is the most fantastic ecosystem, the kit includes all the needed information to help the worms to establish themselves. Simple helpful instructions. I will be purchasing a farm in the future as a gift. When I lift the lid of the box to feed the earth smell is so soothing to the senses, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment!


I like the idea of the Worm Studio. What I don’t know is when to set up the next tier and whether it is normal for the worms to go to the tray rather than in the food area. Ideally I would like to speak to someone.