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Worm Studio

Worm Studio

  • Made from cedar
  • Made in Canada
  • No smells
  • Simple to use; just 10 minutes a week
  • Access to community knowledge
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The box is 18" x 13" wide. It is 12" tall with a flat lid and 15" tall with the rooftop garden add-on.

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What should I know about my Home Studio?

What are the benefits?

You are supporting a Canadian made product.

  • The product is made with zero waste, using planet friendly materials
  • You are creating a circular economy in your own home! You are doing your job in minimizing your carbon footprint!
  • You are soil building and improving the livelihood of the plants you feed your castings to!
  • We find our product makes a positive lifestyle impact - your worms want fruit and veggies, so you begin to eat fruits and veggies. Having these living things you need to feed makes you think every time you go to throw something out. 
  • For apartment dwellers - having a Box of Life adds convenience - minimizes the number of trips to the garbage room/chute.

How does it work?

Food scraps go in and out comes the compost!

  • You start by adding your bedding and food scraps to the bottom layer.
  • When the bottom layer is full, you add the next layer on top and continue feeding.
  • The worms travel upwards to the fresh food, away from their poop. 
  • When your top layer is full, it's time to empty the bottom layer and collect your castings! Once emptied, move the bottom layer to the top.  

Rotate the layers every 3-4 months to get about 10 L of fresh castings. 

  • Made for effortless green living, made just for you.

  • Ideal for small families looking to compost organic waste at home.

    Allows for feeding of up to 2 kg of waste per week, promoting efficient decomposition.

    Yields fresh fertilizer every 3 months, enriching soil for gardening needs.

    A renter-friendly solution that can be implemented anywhere, regardless of living space constraints.

What to feed it and what not?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews

I like the idea of the Worm Studio. What I don’t know is when to set up the next tier and whether it is normal for the worms to go to the tray rather than in the food area. Ideally I would like to speak to someone.

Grace Ruppenthal

Worm Studio

Judy R
Simple but good looking

I like the design of the farm. A couple of the spots on the wire mesh had broken away from the screws but that probably isn’t an issue. Put the worms into the bottom section on November 20th and have seen a few when I move the corner to the area to be fed. I top up the bedding each feeding day so I hope they are happy. It’s quite interesting now so will be even better when I can add other levels. Thanks Akil.

Kathy Y
What a rewarding activity for the community!

I was always interested in vermicomposting but never took the leap to start. I saw the Box of Life at an expo and I was immediately drawn to the product and how easy it was to get started. I loved that it was made of organic materials (no plastic), and Akil answered all of my questions! I am so glad to have made the purchase. It is a treat to watch my wormies grow and decompose my food scraps. I have not yet added the other levels yet but hopefully in a while, I will have a full system going!

Jacques Allain
It’s the perfect setup!

The Box of Life is great, keeps the worms happy. Moisture is easy to regulate, no need for spouts like other systems. Very easy to use and well crafted!