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The Box Of Life

Worm Studio

Worm Studio

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Made in Ottawa, Canada  

The Worm Studio is a beautiful cedar composter for your kitchen scraps to transform them into worm castings - nature's best fertilizer. The process takes a month and it does not smell because the wooden box breathes allowing for an oxygenated environment for optimal decomposition.

The multi-layer system allows the worms to migrate upwards to reach the fresh food, leaving behind the castings in the bottom layer, meaning you never have to separate the worms from the compost. When your top layer is full, simply remove the bottom layer, empty the castings, and place the layer on top of your stack to continue feeding. 

The Box Of Life will be your partners in your composting adventure! We have a great support system on Facebook and Discord and we recommend taking a look before deciding to join our ecosystem. 

📖 We will teach you how to build a successful composting habit 

🌎 Planet friendly materials & plastic free  

👃🏽 No bad smells

💪🏽 Easily harvest castings without separating the worms

🤓 Lifetime access to our community for knowledge and support 

🧘‍♂️ Will improve your mood when you take a positive environmental action

👨‍👩‍👦 An activity for the entire family and a way to teach kids about science


The box is 18" x 13" wide. It is 12" tall with a flat lid and 15" tall with the planter add-on.  

How it works

  1. You start by adding your bedding and food scraps to the bottom layer.
  2. When the bottom layer is full, you add the next layer on top and continue feeding.  
  3. The worms travel upwards to the fresh food away from their poo. 
  4. When your top layer is full, it's time to empty the compost from the bottom, and move the empty layer the top.  
  5. Rotate the layers every 3-4 months to get about 10 L of fresh castings. 

How much can I compost?

You can compost ~2 kg/week when your ecosystem is fully established, which takes about 6 months.    

Where do I get composting worms?

Ottawa customers can order from us by adding red wigglers to your cart

For Canadian orders, you can try to find a worm farmer locally or get it shipped from our recommended supplier, Vers Lavenir. We suggest starting out with 1/2 a pound of worms. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Kathy Y
What a rewarding activity for the community!

I was always interested in vermicomposting but never took the leap to start. I saw the Box of Life at an expo and I was immediately drawn to the product and how easy it was to get started. I loved that it was made of organic materials (no plastic), and Akil answered all of my questions! I am so glad to have made the purchase. It is a treat to watch my wormies grow and decompose my food scraps. I have not yet added the other levels yet but hopefully in a while, I will have a full system going!

Jacques Allain
It’s the perfect setup!

The Box of Life is great, keeps the worms happy. Moisture is easy to regulate, no need for spouts like other systems. Very easy to use and well crafted!

I love my worm studio!

I can’t say enough good things about Box of Life! I’ve wanted to start a worm bin forever, but didn’t know where to start. Box of Life makes it so simple, and provides a lot of support for getting started and helping to troubleshoot issues. Also, the style of the worm studio blends into my home really well. I’d definitely recommend a worm studio from Box of Life!

Heather S
Love my worms - even if they are slow

It’s been just over a month and my worm studio is doing well! Keeping the moisture right and flies down is a bit of a learning curve but the Worm Parenting Guide has all the info I need to adjust things! Not a lot of castings yet, but the food is breaking down so I’ll try to be patient!
Thanks for the great composter and it’s been a great conversation starter too!

Chris P
My little wormies are thriving!

Akil is super passionate about worms and this little farm is just amazing! My little « friends » are working hard at decomposing our food scraps. This is exactly what we were looking for!

Thank you again!!