Looking for sustainable workspace solutions? The Box Of life offers fully integrated on-site worm farms to help you turn waste into a regenerative fertilizer.

Our sleek, odour-free bins process food waste and paper recycling for an amazing ESG storytelling opportunity, and to engage with employees on a nature based climate solution.

The problem

70% of our trash is food for our soils, but is wasted in landfills

In Canada alone, food waste contributes to 56.6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. It has a significant climate impact—rotting food emits potent methane, 80 times more impactful than CO2.

Nature generates no waste. The Box Of Life mimics nature's ultimate recycling system - the forest floor - decomposing organic matter without smells or bugs, and creating wonderful soil. In your kitchenette.

Your easy Box of Life for Business set up

  • Installation

    We set up your workspace with our worm farm and host an engaging lunch and learn with your staff.

  • Feeding

    Employees collect food scraps and paper and feed it to the worms. The worms take care of the rest.

  • Harvesting

    We come in to harvest castings every four months for you to give back to employees or gardens.

The impact you are making is immense

Each bin diverts 2 lbs of waste per day, preventing 40 lbs of CO₂ emissions weekly and 2,000 lbs of emissions annually.

By composting in your workplace, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create amazing carbon sequestering fertilizer, and foster a culture of sustainability in your employees.

ESG triumph with a worm farm!

Rethink Waste

The Box of Life converts organic waste into valuable soil food, offering a sustainable waste management solution.This approach seamlessly aligns with environmental objectives, promoting a circular economy.

  • Composting Service

    Starting from $75/month, and it includes a dedicated compost conceirge to ensure your worm farm is optimally functioning.
    Our transparent pricing depends on how much waste you generate, and the level of support you want.

  • Workshops

    As a client, you get access to a discounted rate for team building workshops on Composting, Sustainable Gardening, Seed Paper Making, and more.

In a world facing climate change, resource scarcity, and inequality, businesses are expected to stand for more. Collaborate with The Box of Life to take a tiny step towards healing the Earth, promoting healthy soils, and acting responsibly. Let's make your workplace an eco-hero! 🌍🌿

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Your questions answered

Will it smell?

Nope, your bin should only smell like the forest floor! If there's any funky business, check the user guide or hit up your Box of Life representative for troubleshooting.

How much work is involved?

Worms are fascinating creatures, and while you could spend hours observing, you only need about 5 minutes per week for proper maintenance. We recommend having 1-2 volunteer wormy godparents leading the charge.

How often do we feed it, how much?

Collect your kitchen scraps in our countertop receptacles and feed the worms 1-2 times a week, depending on your waste output. The bin can handle around 8-10 lbs per week, equivalent to two countertop receptacles.

What's the environmental impact?

It varies, but at full throttle, expect to divert 2 lbs of waste per day (per bin), preventing about 40 lbs of CO2 emissions weekly and a whopping 2,000 lbs annually.

What does a healthy bin look like?

Smells like a stroll through the woods, worms evenly spread and munching, contents moist but not swampy, and the drip tray below? Fairly empty. Nature's harmony in a bin!