About vermicomposting

So....what about smells?

Apart from the lovely smell of cedar, properly balanced contents in a Worm Studio will have a faint aroma resembling the forest floor. But if your bin has some funky smells, then you know that something's wrong inside. It's most likely due to overfeeding so just mix in a bunch of fresh bedding, and skip the next feeding. The smell should go away.

Can I use worms from my backyard?

Probably not unless you know for sure they are one of the few species of composting earthworms. Common backyard earthworms are not good at composting and don't like living in confined spaces.

What do I feed the wormies and how much?

Your worms should be fed a vegetarian diet and the amount you feed them depends on how many worms you have. A pound of red wigglers can realistically eat 1/4 a pound of scraps a day.

Once your Worm Studio is mature and operational for a few months, you can feed between 3-5 kg a week.

Will my pets be attracted to the Worm Studio?

Not really. The food you add is almost immediately broken down by microbes and the wormies so your pets aren't going to want to compete with them. Many of our customers have pets and have not had any issues.

We have a cat who is extremely motivated by food but isn't interested in our worm bin. Except this one time.

What do I do with the extra castings if I don't have a backyard?

You have a few options here -
1. Share with a gardener friend or with a neighbour on your local Buy Nothing group
2. Donate to the nearest community garden
3. Adopt the nearest tree and nourish it

How often should I be checking the wormies?

You can check on them as much as you'd like to. It can be hard to resist and also emotionally calming to see them in action. But they do their work better when left undisturbed.

What happens when I go on vacation?

Your Worm Studio will be fine if you leave it alone for 2-3 weeks. If you're going away for longer, it's advisable to ask a friend to come in every 2 weeks to feed the worms and ensure that the bin doesn't get too dry.

We have left our worm bin at home for a month and noticed that the population decreased substantially because of the lack of food and moisture. We'll be finding a worm sitter next time.


Where do you currently ship?

Right now, just within Canada. We're hoping to expand shipping to the US soon so stay tuned :)

How long will it take to receive my Worm Studio?

I build each order after I receive it and it usually takes me a day or two before I ship it to you.

Once it's shipped, it should take between 2-6 days to reach you depending on where you live.

What's zero-waste packaging?

Packaging that is made of materials that are recyclable so that nothing goes to landfill. We've taken it one step further and made all our packaging compostable in your Worm Studio - including the box, paper tape and any other stuff you may have received. Simply tear it and use it as bedding.

We think manufacturers should be held to higher environmental standards with their packaging and we hope our small shop can inspire others. If you have suggestions on how we can improve our packaging, reach out to us using the contact form.


What's a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is an organization that is revenue generating but has a mission to do good. The Box Of Life is a for-profit social enterprise changing the way urban areas think about food waste. We also donate worm bins to classrooms as a way of investing in a more sustainable future through the next generation.

What's my favourite dinosaur?

I thought you'd never ask! It's the T-Rex.