A part of our mission as The Box of Life is to build a composting community. We need compost heros like you to help us spread the love of wormies! 

This page is for you if:

  • You are a part of a community garden and would like to work with us to get an outdoor vermi-composting set up in your area!
  • You are an educator and you would like to partner with us to host workshops or schedule a workshop with us!
  • You are a local Ottawa store and would like to use The Box of Life to help reduce your waste!

Read more about these opportunities below, or submit a form to get in touch!



Community Composting

Humans are highly social creatures. We've evolved from lone rangers to being a part of diverse communities that are not just connected by geography but also by common values. We hope to promote environmentally friendly values in neighbourhoods by designing beautiful composting solutions that can be used by multiple households to create healthy soil that can be used grow food and combat food insecurity. 

We have identified the following types of establishments we would love to partner with:

  • cooperative housing
  • community gardens
  • condo buildings
  • local food banks 
  • community kitchens

If you are a community champion and want to set up composting in your neighbourhood, please fill up the form below and let us know how we can help. 




Classroom Composting

As adults, we're a bit squeamish about creepy-crawlies like earthworms but KIDS LOVE THEM! A worm bin in the classroom is not just a great learning tool about natural eco-systems and the food cycle but also a really practical way to compost your classroom food scraps into healthy soil. That's why we present to you....the Worm School (say it quickly a few times and you'll get the lame pun). We have a sneaky feeling that the students are likely to bring in more fruits and veggies for lunch just so they can feed their wormy friends the leftover peels.

The Worm School is our stacking worm bin, the Worm Studio, but with added curriculum and fun activities thrown in to empower teachers (including you, the homeschooling parent) to deliver fun learning content for classrooms of all grades. We're working hard with teachers to develop cross functional learning and constantly strive to improve our offerings.

If you are a school teacher or principal and reading this, use the contact form below to get in touch to set up worm bins in your school.



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