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Red wigglers (Ottawa only)
Red wigglers (Ottawa only)
A cardboard box with "The Box Of Life" written on it, beside an apple for scale
Red wigglers (Ottawa only)
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, Red wigglers (Ottawa only)
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, Red wigglers (Ottawa only)
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, A cardboard box with "The Box Of Life" written on it, beside an apple for scale
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, Red wigglers (Ottawa only)

Red wigglers (Ottawa only)

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The worm mix is only available for local Ottawa orders, because the wormies get super stressed when they are shipped!

Orders fulfilled once a week. You will be sent an email/text when your order is ready for pickup.

To find red wigglers outside Ottawa, try looking for them on Kijiji, local gardening groups, or this online resource.


The earthworm mix contains hundreds of red wigglers of all ages along with cocoons contained in microbe-rich bedding. It weighs about 3 pounds and is created to kick-start your composting adventure.

Whom is the red wiggler worm mix for?

Our worm mix is for new worm parents looking to start a worm bin. Any experienced worm composter will tell you that the secret to a successful bin are the essential microbes as they are the first to break down your food scraps so the wormies can eat the smaller pieces.

If you are starting new, our worm mix approach provides you with microbe-rich material from our mature bins so you can have a stable system right from the start. As the worms are in their original environment, they will settle easily into their new home - your worm bin.

About our wormies

Our wormies are fed a diet of spent beer grain from our neighbourhood brewery (getting them nice and tipsy for procreation *wink wink*) and flourish in a temperature controlled environment. We do not use energy intensive/unsustainable processed bedding like coco coir or peat moss as they are energy intensive and environmentally destructive. Instead, we use shredded cardboard from discarded shipping boxes that were probably headed to landfill.

Euros vs red wigglers: what's the difference?

Both are excellent composting worms and you likely won't realize the difference when it comes to composting. That said, reds are more favoured than euros though because they have a greater tolerance to temperature fluctuations, pH fluctuations, and rough handling. If you have a simple worm bin at home, you need not worry about any of that - it's food for thought for larger scale worm farmers.

An advantage euros have is that they are a bigger worm so they can be used as bait for fishing or for feeding your reptiles!

 You will receive a free Worm Parenting Guide pdf after you checkout. This will help you get started in your vermicomposting adventure and keep your wormies happy and healthy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lovely worms!

The worms has settled into their new home nicely. I left an avocado pit in the bedding and it has sprouted (free plant!) while in the bin. Accidental houseplant nursery while cycling foodwaste? Yes!


Great product. Courteous service.

Marianne Ariganello
Amazing idea and fantastic product

We have had the worm studio and red wrigglers for 15 months. We are on our third tray and are looking forward to using the casings in our garden. This is a great product and the customer support is top notch! (I got it as a Christmas present and was thrilled!)

Elina Elnione
Great product!

The box was well designed and easy to assemble. Beatiful simple design. It is very satisfying to create something useful from waste. We treat the wormies like our pets and are happy to see them multiply. Can’t wait to have enough casting to use them for houseplants and garden.

Beverly Papove
Red Wriggler worm mix

Great service - great product! (so much easier to use with a worm mix rather than simply a bag of worms)
Thank you for all your help and follow up - the worms are doing well. We have already found eggs and babies! The students are thrilled!