Click here for the ugly Worm Studio auction. All proceeds are donated to Indian Residential School Survivors Society.

Politique d'expédition

- Why don't we provide free shipping? Well simply because we cannot afford it as a small business. We give you the option of real-time shipping rates provided directly by shipping companies.

- We do however absorb the cost of all carbon offsets associated with your order through a partnership with Cloverly. Learn more about how carbon offsets work by clicking here.

- We do not ship the wormies because they're living creatures and hate being handled roughly, so please find a local seller near you on Kijiji or search for 'red wiggler near me'

- Shipments are sent via 'ground' aka trucks/trains because they are the most environmentally sensitive option and you should receive it in 1-5 business days. We're super excited for the day when electric trucks get on the road!

- All our packaging is compostable and can become bedding for your new worm bin, including the box, shredded cardboard packaging inserts, and the paper tape