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Worm Studio

Worm Studio

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Handmade in Ottawa, Canada | Plastic free 

The Worm Studio is a beautiful cedar worm farm that will convert your kitchen scraps into worm compost - nature's best fertilizer - in a month without smells or bugs. The multi-level system allows the worms to migrate upwards to the fresh food, leaving behind the compost in the bottom layer - you never have to manually separate the worms from the compost.

📖 We will teach you how to build a successful composting habit 

🌎 Planet friendly materials - eastern white cedar and metal  

👃🏽 No bad smells

💪🏽 Easily harvest castings without separating out the worms

🤓 Lifetime access to our community for knowledge and support 

🧘‍♂️ Will improve your mood when you take a positive environmental action

👨‍👩‍👦 An activity for the entire family and a way to teach kids about science


The box is 18" x 13" wide. It is 12" tall with a flat lid and 15" tall with the planter.  

How it works

  1. You start by feeding the bottom layer and when it's full, you add a layer on top  
  2. The worms travel upwards to the fresh food, leaving compost in the bottom 
  3. When your top layer is full, it's time to empty the compost from the bottom, and move the empty layer the top 
  4. Rotate the layers every 3-4 months to get fresh castings 

How much can I compost?

You can compost 2 kg/week when your ecosystem is fully established, which takes about 6 months. If you choose to add a 4th layer, you can feed 2 kg to each layer 3 and 4, bringing your total to 4 kg/week.   

Where do I get composting worms?

Ottawa customers can order from us by adding this to your cart

For Canadian orders, you can try to find a worm farmer locally or get it shipped from our recommended supplier, Vers Lavenir. We suggest starting out with 1/2 a pound of worms. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Chris P
My little wormies are thriving!

Akil is super passionate about worms and this little farm is just amazing! My little « friends » are working hard at decomposing our food scraps. This is exactly what we were looking for!

Thank you again!!

Lise Rainville-Sommerfeld
Worm Studio

I love my worm studio, it looks nice I looked at a several made of plastic and they were ugly but this looks great . Also Akim was great answered all my questions. No issue 6 weeks in.

Sarah Scaffidi Argentina
So Happy!

Best vermicompost bin around. It doesn’t look industrial like all other options, no smell, and so happy to be doing my part helping the environment. Owner also very knowledgeable and incredibly passionate.

Susan O'R
Worms are happy!

I love the worm studio! The worms are happy to eat our food scraps and I'm really looking forward to using the castings. The 'Worm Parenting Guide' is very helpful. Everyone should have a worm studio!

Sara Collins
Love the Worm Studio!

I love the worm studio! It's very well designed - functional and aesthetic. Great support and customer service too.