Our soap dishes are made from shop waste!

Our Worm Studio starts out as cedar planks that are roughly 6, 8 or 10 ft lengths depending on what our local lumber supplier has in stock in the season. 

These planks are cut to size for the worm studio and we started noticing that we were having scrap pieces that were too small to be used in our production and too big to be thrown into a fire, and although burning stuff is a lot of fun, we decided that the scraps could be put to better use. Drum roll please - a minimal soap dish that will make your bathroom smell like a forest!

Why a cedar soap dish you ask?

Well, a couple of reasons - the first one being that it's pretty easy to make them and doesn't take much time so we can make these in our free time once a month.

The second is that plastic soap bottles are adding to the ever-growing plastic problem in our world, and moving back to bar soap is a sustainable swap we can all easily do.

Third, bar soaps can get your sinks quite icky if you don't place them on something so a soap dishes seem more like a need and less like a want. As a company, we want to make things you need, and not want, even if that means us making a few bucks lesser than we'd like. Our world cannot sustain our appetite for materialistic consumption.