People + Planet >> Profits

The Box Of Life is a social enterprise and what that means is that we believe in caring for the people and our planet first and foremost, while making enough profits to pay the rent and keep the lights on. Our goal is to empower people and build compost heroes.

Here's a quick summary of our values -

  • We purchase our materials from local, small businesses
  • The cedar we use is grown on sustainably managed forests and milled locally at Lanark cedar. It pains us to use virgin materials but we take some solace in knowing that the trees are being used to create compost that will nourish the lands.
  • All our operations are as close to zero waste as humanly possible
    • Our design minimizes the wastage of wood. 1.5% of the lumber we purchase
    • Sometimes the leftover scraps are used to make art
  • We engage with communities to build zero waste resilient food systems
  • We offer free workshops and webinars to educate others on vermicomposting
  • We believe in the barter economy and have made some interesting exchanges in the past!

We're always looking to improve our sustainability and social outcomes and would love to do more. If you have ideas, send us an email with the title - "You can do more".