Our Story


The Box Of Life is a social enterprise with a mission to educate communities about the beautiful concept called vermicomposting with the hope to inspire the creation of healthy soil instead of food waste.

What's in a name you might ask? The Box Of Life. A box literally filled with life (earthworms, microbes and other animals part of the soil food web) that helps build soil, which in turn grows plant life that nourishes all life on this planet. A perfect harmony. Our goal is to help communities rethink food waste and challenge the convention that our trash serves no purpose. Composting is an amazing way to convert "waste" into a resource that can help heal our planet.

A bit of research about the food you consume should convince you that our current agricultural practices are not sustainable for our health nor our planet's health. We are depleting top soil, pumping our lands full of toxic pesticides and herbicides, and growing food that is lacking in nutrition.

While our vermicomposting journey started down the path of environmental sustainability, it has led us to champion a different, yet deeply intertwined topic of sustainable food systems. As a company, we are so glad to be a part of the regenerative agricultural movement that hopes to bring about revolutionary change in the way we grow food.

We hope that your composting journey, whatever the reason might be, can bring about some positivity and joy in your life :)